Fire Detection

Kingdom International offer a comprehensive range of Fire Detection Systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. Whatever the detection challenge, we have the solution.


Fire Alarm System
• Addressable
• Conventional
• EN / LPCB / UL / VDS


Detection and Control
• Flame Detection
• Gas Detection
• Linear Heat Detection
• Smoke / Heat / CO Detection

Specialist Detection
• VESDA™ Very Early Warning Fire



Communications to your gate or door is essential for total security and convenience. The Audio/Video intercom system is very convenient for verification and identification of person requesting entry and can range from a single door audio unit to multiple doors video systems. Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual verification before allowing access through releasing door locks.Multi-unit intercom system is disclosed in which a plurality of remote stations can be signaled from a common station. Switches are provided at the remote stations for persons located there to either control a two-way communication link between the particular remote station and the common station or operate an electrical device such as a door latch for admitting the person at the central station to a facility.


Intruder Alarm Systems (also known as Burglar Alarm System) are designed to alert the owner to danger. It consists of a control panel and different type of sensors which shall be activated if any intrusion occurs within the premises. Once the alarm is activated, it will then provide an alert to an external siren. Unlike other systems, it does not require any monthly monitoring fees for home surveillance.




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