• CCTV and Surveillance Systems
• Fire Alarm System
• Access Control Systems
• Parking, Barriers and Control Systems
• Biometric Access Control and Time and Attendance
• Panic Alarm & Door Alarm
• Door Access Systems
• Asset Tagging, Bar-coding and Control
• Intelligent Hotel Access
• Vehicle RIFD System
• Intruder Alarm Systems.
• Perimeter Protection System



CCTV camera systems are quickly becoming an important aspect in security. We are a professional and proven company in the industry that prides our self in providing clients with genuine, honest and a guarantee to provide the surveillance camera system that best fulfils their requirements. We have been designing and installing surveillance cameras throughout the country. We have a proven track record for professionalism, reliability and the ability to achieve our customer’s expectations on time and within budget.We represent a major technological advancement in the video surveillance industry.

Access Control system provides a very flexible system to control and record the entry and exit of people and thus protecting your valuable assets and goods as well as your valuable documents. Basically, in terms of access control, there are three options for the user, these are: (1) using pin/password; (2) RF, Mifare, HID cards; (3) fingerprint or biometric system.
Biometric Access Control system provides more secure and affordable access control for any level of security need. Far superior to pin numbers or card systems which can be shared or stolen, biometric system utilizes a person’s unique physical characteristics (fingerprint) to identify the user. Biometric identification and verification systems ensure that only legitimate members can enter your secured area.




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