Electronioc Queue Mangement System

The Electronic Queue Management System (eQ system) provides a civilized and well-organized system for queuing. It tunes up your waiting area so that your
clients have a pleasant experience throughout by offering them a hassle free and personalized service.

The eQ system is practical for facilities that require managing physical queues dynamically like embassies, airports, immigration centers, and locations with dispersed queues to allow customers the freedom to browse while waiting for their turn. It will definitely speed up service time, reduce frustrations, and ensure fair services. Synchronization among all the components of eQ system is maintained through the application software. It runs the system and stores all the data in real-time as well.



An automatic gate barrier system mainly consists of an electric gate motor which can either be a swing gate or sliding gate. It supplies the power to open and close the gate automatically. A radio signal is sent from a transmitter in your vehicle to a receiver box that is mounted near the gate. The receiver is wired to control box and activates a circuit that moves the gate opener arm. The gate can then be closed in a variety of ways such as pushing the transmitter button again, or the gate can be set to close automatically after a certain period of time.


How Many times did we all wish to be guided efficiently into the right parking spot?Intelligent Parking, a parking guidance system developed by Intelligent Devices,helps drivers make smart decisions. These decisions reduce congestion and make the most of available spaces by increasing the profitability of parking facilities.The main features and benefits for any intelligent car parking management system are to:


Communicates Clearly – Less congestion due to fewer vehicles driving around looking for parking
Reduces Confusion - Reduction in time and fuel spent by road user searching for parking

Reduces Crowding - Fewer lines as motorists go to parking areas with the most available spaces
Lowers Emission - Better flow of traffic reduces the carbon footprint of motorists
Increases Capital - Intelligent Parking results in higher revenues and profitability for parking facilities


Starts with the Right Information
The information to make appropriate decisions must be presented each time the motorist has to make a decision. Since information is presented twice the driver makes a decision before reaching the decision point. The motorist is first guided to the correct lot, then to the correct floor, and finally to an open bay.


Driven by the Right Signs
Large placard signs, with electronic inserts over the roadway, inform the motorist in real-time. These signs alternately flash OPEN and the number of available bays, when the parking is open. The signs display FULL when the parking in full or near capacity, but parking is still available. Signs display CLOSED when the parking is not open due to operational reasons. Compatible with all NTCIP sign systems.


Managed by the Right Software
Intelligent Device’s parking solutions are based on open database software such as SQL Server. Field communications are based on open protocols such as the SNMP based NTCIP for signs and sensor. Data for parking guidance is retrieved from multiple sources, such as: cash systems, new or existing loop detectors and individual parking bay sensors. Supports flexible sign control, incident management, and maintenance management.




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